At Rick Case Hyundai Plantation, this is one of the most commonly asked questions at our service center, and luckily, the answer is simple: it's Hyundai. And when it comes to quality, you may not see the difference at first, but you'll experience it in the long run. In fact, we'd go as far as to say that from oil filters to replacement parts, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better fit for your Hyundai than choosing genuine Hyundai parts right here at our dealership.

You see, when it comes to Hyundai car care, regular oil changes are perhaps the best thing you can do to ensure the longevity of your vehicle. Oil lubricates the engine, as well as clearing away debris and transferring heat away from sensitive components. Over time and use, that oil can become saturated with contaminants and debris, making it more viscous and less effective at doing its job. That's where the oil filter comes in.

Genuine Hyundai oil filters, which are manufactured by the Hyundai Mobis parts and service division of the company, are specifically designed for Hyundai vehicles. Crafted from high-quality materials and using a tightly folded filter media that traps contaminants and debris, genuine OEM Hyundai oil filters allow you to get the most out of every drop of oil that you put into your car.

Best of all, unlike some other OEMs where premium quality comes with a premium price tag, our genuine Hyundai oil filters are not only effective…they're affordable. In fact, with our frequent special offers on genuine Hyundai parts and accessories, you won't have to break the bank to get the best for your car.

So, if you're due or even overdue for an oil change, we'd love to be of service to you here at Rick Case Hyundai Plantation, so don't hesitate to schedule your next service visit online today!

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